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Kyle Fisher

Pulse was founded on the idea that healthy food is delicious food. That salads don't have to be boring; in fact, they can be the star of the meal when prepared with passion and fresh ingredients! Our menu is influenced by flavours as diverse as the people of this great city. We opened in 2022 in a post-pandemic whirlwind and are excited to bring friends and family back together to the east end of Toronto. Pulse Salad and Restaurants goal is to encourage a "fun-healthy" way of eating. Chef Kyle Fisher wants to bridge the gap between typical quick service and fast food salad kiosks and offer fresh healthy options in a more elevated restaurant environment. The idea behind Pulse was to make a salad the main attraction to a meal rather than it being a typical side dish or appetizer. Our salads explode with flavour not only teasing your taste-buds but also leaving you feeling satisfied! Come check out our Chef Curated Signature salads or try some classics with a Chefs twist! Similar ingredients but executed in a different way!

Pulse Salad

from CA$14.50

Apple Lentil Salad

from CA$18.25

Caesar Salad

from CA$17.50

Caprese Salad

from CA$16.50

Caramel Corn


Cauliflower & Tomato

from CA$17.00

Falafel (7 Pieces)


Falafel Salad

from CA$18.50

Falafels (25+ Pieces)

from CA$30.00

Fattoush Salad

from CA$17.50

Fried Cauliflower, Gochujang, & Honey

from CA$32.00

Ginger Mint & Greens

from CA$17.25

Pearl Couscous

from CA$16.50

Roasted Chicken Cassoulet


Silk Tofu


Smashed Potatoes

from CA$25.00

Tomato & Pesto Salad

from CA$50.00

Vegetarian Protein Bowl

from CA$55.00

White Bean & Roasted Garlic Dip

from CA$9.50

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